Being inside a store and feeling at home: this is the way in which the Piazza Sempione concept stores are designed.

Polished and rough, precious and natural, complex and craft materials are the highlights of the Piazza Sempione
stores, the same skilful blend of elegance and understatement as is found in the relevant collections.

The Piazza Sempione store enhances its products through an ambiance where light is diffused and non-invasive,
well suited to convey peace and warmth. Large niches that reach from the floor to the ceiling accommodate
apparel and accessories imitating the usual home wardrobes. The craft outfits, like wallpaper with a texturized background, resin cement, and smooth oak wood, welcome customers to the Piazza Sempione stores.

This aesthetic approach to space, among other things, helps the company create mutual trust and sharing
with the customers: from the clothes, created for their comfort, to the encompassing dressing-rooms
in the stores, fitted with grey velvet for a welcoming, warm, elegant home feel.