Luxury Digital Experience

For the recent launch of its new corporate website, Piazza Sempione hosted a cocktail-style round-table in its Milan headquarters based on the very current theme of “Luxury Digital Experience” and the new models of interaction that have emerged in this web and digital-intense reality. The evening addressed the way that communication has changed for luxury companies. Once extremely exclusive, communication strategies are now being based on the values of sharing, involvement and participation, with the objective of engaging a much wider general public, rather than focusing on a smaller niche.

The audience consisted of fashion bloggers, online media and digital communication experts. Esteemed figures in both fashion and academia where invited to participate: Professor Giuliano Noci (Marketing Professor at the Istituto Politecnico of Milan and Associate Dean of the MIP-School of Management), Professor Mario Abis (Professor of Social Research at IULM and Managing Director of MAKNO) and Sara Maino (Fashion Director or Vogue Italy and responsible for the Talent section of The three speakers were moderated by Marina Garzoni, Founder and CEO of Style Star.An innovative event in nature and also for its contents.

October 27, 2010
/ Milan, Italy

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