Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Presentation, Milan

The press presentation of the Fall/Winter 2009-2010 collection captured the modern spirit of the urban nomad - the well-traveled woman of the global community.

This collection identified the needs of today's modern woman.  A woman who travels the globe for work and pleasure must have the appropriate clothes, elegant yet versatile.

For this collection Piazza Sempione collaborated with artist Duilio Forte and asked him to interpret a symbol of the voyage, which is the motor home.  He produced three art installations each focusing on a stylized motor home built in different materials – metal, bamboo and wood. In order to further enhance the otherworldliness of the space, detailed touches were utilized, such as pouring salt on the ground to emulate the feel of the desert floor.

Link to the artists website (In Italian)  www.duilioforte.com

Link to bio of the artist in his site (In Italian)  www.atelierforte.com/history.html

February 27, 2009
/ Milan, Italy

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