Collaboration with artist Stefano Arienti

For the Spring/Summer 2004 campaign, Piazza Sempione decided to collaborate with Stefano Arienti to interpret the collection.

Stefano Arienti became internationally known in the second half of the 1980s.  For him the Piazza Sempione Spring/Summer 2004 campaign was the first direct and important collaboration with fashion.  It was an unprecedented experience which generated a special sequence of images. Sophisticated and evocative with an original painterly quality, the images were in fact born from the experimentation of a new technical process which involved both photography as well as manual work to obtain special effects of visual synthesis.  This process called pirography which is drawing with a heated sharp instrument on cardboard, wood or leather.  These images evoke the mood of this collection revealing the essence of the different fabrics and materials of the clothing.  

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