Sophisticated, confident, eclectic and curious. The Piazza Sempione woman is refined, dynamic and cosmopolitan, who likes to infuse a sense of beauty into every aspect of her life, always filtering her passion for creativity and new trends through the lens of a measured and timeless elegance.

Hers is a personal and recognizable style, made up of small private luxuries, like the pieces she chooses to reflect her taste, her qualities and her deepest nature.

She is an intelligent, cultivated and ironic woman, who likes to interpret and play with her wardrobe freely and spontaneously, often daring to add unusual and non-traditional touches.

She chooses clothes that exalt her appeal and femininity without ever being excessive and that adapt to her body making every movement graceful; they are also easy to combine, alternate and continually rediscover with the passing of time. Silhouettes that are apparently simple but made with great refinement, because they are enriched with details that are revealed only when observed and worn with the same attention given by Piazza Sempione to every cut and detail of the fabric.